Meet Natalie


I’m Natalie. Writer by trade. Storyteller by choice.

At my core, I believe in the power, love, and purpose of God, often demonstrated most clearly through the realm of everyday stories. My faith deeply informs the way I see, live, and show up to this life, and storytelling is the medium through which I take note of it all.

On a practical note, I graduated from Hope College in May of 2017 with my degree in Communications and Leadership. About a year and a half later, I self-published my first book, Fifty-Two Cups of Coffee: Weekly Reflections for the Contemplative Soul.

Today, I find myself on a mission of inspiring hope, cultivating curiosity, and unearthing greater expectancy (in God, myself, and others) through writing!

Welcome, and thank you for joining me on this journey!

Natalie Allison Brown