Natalie Allison Brown is a writer and author based in the Chicagoland area. Passionate about the Gospel, she uses storytelling as a means to encourage, challenge, and inspire others. Over the last decade, she has traveled around the world to various countries, including South Africa, China, Israel, and Jamaica, among others.

With each opportunity, she has walked away with a greater desire to transcend barriers of cultural difference, race, and religion through her writing. It is through this international lens that she has been able to connect with a diverse audience of readers, crafting multifaceted stories of hope along the way.



Have you ever experienced spiritual deja vu? I know, it sounds a bit strange. What I mean is, have you ever gone through something relatively familiar, maybe a vivid feeling of discouragement, an intimate experience with rejection, or some sort of personal mistake that made you think, man, I feel like I’ve been here before? Yeah, …

Open Our Eyes

This essay is an excerpt from Fifty-Two Cups of Coffee (Cup #7) … When I was a student at Hope College, I found that there was always a quiet revolution that occurred amongst the student body around the first signs of spring, even if it was still technically winter. As soon as the temperature reached near 60 degrees …


The work of writing, as once told to me by an up and coming author, is to give voice to the extraordinary found within the ordinary, and notice the ordinary within everything extraordinary. It’s a bit of a tongue twister, I know, but time has taught me it’s life-changing effect. A great teacher for me, in this regard, has …

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