What’s Your Season?

How do hope and loss, pain and joy, grief and belief, coexist? I’ve been asking myself this question lately, mostly intrigued by the unavoidable tension it carries. 

Yesterday, I felt both a deep sense of sadness and an equally present invitation to hope. As I mourned the brokenness around me, I couldn’t help but notice the profound sense of beauty that accompanied me. I wonder if you’ve felt the same.

Have you noticed unity lately, even in the revelation of disunity?

Have you witnessed joy recently, even amid all the pain?

Have you identified freedom, even as you’ve processed the reality of bondage?

The tension of duality never escapes us, and maybe it shouldn’t, maybe that’s what keeps us paying attention.

Perhaps part of the work of being human is leaning into both joy and pain, hope and longing, anger and redemption.

How are you noticing both in your life today? 

With love,

Natalie Brown <3

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