A Word for Weary Souls…

It’s okay if you feel tired, lonely, and confused.  Take a deep breath. You’re not alone. I’m right there with you.  

Maybe you’ve recently lost your job or are tired of sitting home alone. Maybe you’ve begun to feel depressed and are weary of not knowing what comes next.

Whatever the case and wherever you are, I pray this post encourages your heart.

This season of unexpected change and uncertainty has reminded me a lot of my semester in Cape Town, South Africa. About two months into my time abroad, classes were abruptly halted due to on-campus protests. Though a necessary part of South African history was unfolding, the uncertainty of it all unsettled me.

It was in this space that God reminded me of His sovereignty, offering a humbling yet necessary reminder that He is God, and I am not. And, let me tell you what a gift this proved to be. In recognizing my place as a child of God, I remembered God’s providential care. I realized I didn’t need to have it all figured out; I just had to have enough faith to take the next step.

In the midst of the chaos, I brought my hopes, doubts, and fears to a God much bigger than my understanding, and it was here that I found peace.

In Philippians 4 verses 6-7, we are given a guide for how to face seasons of uncertainty. It tells us to rejoice continuously, pray about everything, and be anxious for nothing, making our concerns and requests known to God. It is here we are promised that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard (our) hearts and (our) minds in Christ Jesus.

 I don’t know about you, but I need this kind of hope-filled protection in my life… a peace that supersedes my current reality and reminds me that God’s got me! This exhortation is not about how we feel; it’s about how God has called us to respond: faith over feelings.

Today, let’s be brave and take these words to heart, and if you need a little help, here are a few steps to start:


Yes, it’s not as crazy as it seems. Taking time to uncover gratitude in your own heart may just be the medicine you need.


What is bringing you anxiety? Take time to notice the things that are stealing your peace. Is it fear of the future? Job insecurity? Restlessness? Loneliness? God can handle it. In fact, He already has the solution. I challenge you to pause, call to mind your worries, and then give them to God. Please don’t quarantine your mind in this season. Let God in. He’s the only one who can offer you lasting hope.


This might just be the hardest one, but it is perhaps the most necessary. We must release our desire to make sense of everything, and instead, gracefully accept God’s sovereign hand of care in our lives. Restoration is happening; I am certain of this.

Let me close with this: faith is not about having all the answers; it’s about trusting the one who does. This season is going to look different for us all, and that’s okay. The good news is this: the same God who is watching over you, is also watching over me, and all the other weary souls in-between. So, whether you’re taking on new forms of work, spending more or less time with those you love most, or simply taking life one day at a time, take heart, there is hope for you here.

Be encouraged: your weary heart won’t be weary forever; God is near.

Natalie A. Brown

3 Replies to “A Word for Weary Souls…”

  1. This is just awesome! Thank you for filling my heart with pure joy and peace. God has blessed you. Still, the best is yet to come.

  2. Good words, Natalie! We all need reminding that we are not God and that He is. And that we just need to rest in that?? Thank you for reminding us to “rejoice”! We can trust our Heavenly Father each step of the way?
    A Blessed Easter to you & your awesome family?❤️?❤️⚓️

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