Don’t Burn the Bacon

Though I am now what some would call a flexitarian (read: noncommitted vegetarian), I still occasionally.. OK, FREQUENTLY…enjoy bacon.

I can’t help myself!

A few days ago, I was making this crispy breakfast delicacy (because bacon is a delicacy) while simultaneously sending out a work email. I figured with the bacon slowly cooking on the stove, I could easily proofread and send off my email, all in a few minutes. Right?


As my fingers brushed the keys – correcting, replacing, and tidying up a few things, the scent of my beloved bacon grew stronger and stronger.

Just a few more seconds, I told myself. I’m almost done!

Those few seconds rapidly turned into a few minutes, and with no time for repair, my beloved bacon was burned.

Of course, I couldn’t help but find the life metaphor wafting in the kitchen.

Throwing away my burnt strips of bacon, I realized I’ve replicated this same process one too many times in my life.

Distracted (and often meaningly so) by another project, I walk away from my desires or predetermined tasks, fully intending to return in “just a few moments.”

More times than not, a few moments turn into days, weeks, months, and sometimes years, only to realize, my beloved dream, hope, project, etc., has “burned.”

For example: last year, I told myself I would create a 6-week study guide for 52 Cups of Coffee, complete with latte recipes, video reflections, and journal prompts. Cute, right? Well guess what, I never finished this project. I got distracted with work deadlines, other ideas, and my own lack of resolution to finish. And now, a year later, I can’t help but wonder who could’ve been blessed by this project.   

Timing is important, and sometimes we squander it because we selfishly assume we’ll get more of it. Tomorrow is promised to no one, which means today is truly a GIFT!  

I write all this to say: don’t burn your bacon! Let’s stop sitting on the plans, projects, ideas, and relationships the Lord has given us. As Ecclesiastes 3 tells us, there is a time for everything…so, let’s not waste it.

Today, I encourage you to recommit to one thing on your “Goals List.”

Is it a blog?

Phone call?

Act of forgiveness?

Grant application?

Scholarship essay?

Book draft?

Even sending your crush a DM? (next month is Valentines Day after all ? )

Whatever it may be, I challenge you to follow Nike’s lead and “just do it!”

In 2021, let’s be people who start and finish the tasks before us.

In the comments, I’d love to know one thing you will recommit to.

I’ll go first: finishing my second book! It’s been 3 years of writing, editing, pausing, and returning, and in this first quarter of the year, I’m holding myself to getting it done.

Yours doesn’t have to be a big dream; it could be a meaningful goal, like writing a letter to a dear friend once a month or finally making that recipe you heard about months before. It’s your life; you choose!

Let’s check back in one month and see how we did!

Sending lots of love!

– Natalie A. Brown

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  1. Great post. I read recently that we are all professional starters but horrible finishers. Thanks for the prompting. Let’s hold ourselves accountable to finishing the projects that we know we need to get done!!!

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