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“If you could do anything,” he asked, “anything at all…no fear, no reservations, what would you do?”

I remained quiet for a few moments as I contemplated the proposition.

    “Well, I would write a book.”

    “A book!” he exclaimed, “About?”

    “A book about life and faith and the ordinary moments we often miss,” I


    “So, what’s stopping you?”

I laughed, “Fear.”

Great, I thought to myself. Now he knows both my greatest hope and greatest insecurity; but like an incredibly kind friend, he did not respond with angst or reproach. Rather, he chuckled, offering,

    “Well, you know you can do something about that, right?”

So, I did.


Nearly 3 years ago, I sent out my first Thursday email. It was a quiet gesture, sent to about 20 people. I titled the first post “Exhale” – a call to live deeply in the present moment. That single email has since turned into 104 emails, including a summer series, and now a book! I could have never predicted what would become of that space that first Thursday morning, but I’ve learned since that something particularly special happens when we give God our yes.

I didn’t intend to write a book this soon, or even in this way, but as the internal nudge to write only grew stronger, I realized I needed this book. Not simply for what the words could offer me, but what the process would make of me. In this world full of chaos, noise, and distraction, it is so easy to leave little room for the voice of God, but writing 52 Cups of Coffee forced me to listen.

Personally, I find storytelling to be one of the best ways to pay attention to both the beautiful and broken pieces of this life. It’s what I love about the Bible. Through countless stories, we are reminded of the faithfulness of God presenting itself through imperfect people and circumstances. Though people, policies, and systems change, the goodness of God remains the same.

I need this reminder every single day, maybe you do too.

With this in mind, I have written 52 Cups of Coffee – a weekly devotional inspired by previous Thursday Thoughts. Unlike many devotionals, however, instead of a collection of lessons, this book is a series of personal stories, created to accompany our spiritual walk.

I have poured many hours, thoughts, and prayers into this book, so now, my hope is that God will meet you on each page.

Get your copy today! 

5 Replies to “Fifty-Two Cups of Coffee – Now Available for Purchase!!”

  1. So proud of you Natalie and this milestone accomplishment. I witnessed the work and dedication that it took to get this project completed. Can’t wait to see all that God accomplishes through you and this book!

  2. I truly enjoyed reading this book. Although I picked it up and read it whenever I could, I was struck by thinking more about navigating life. It provided me with moments to pause and take life in with God. This is also a nice book if you take your moments with tea. 😉

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